• Adopt | Adapt | Improve

    The young business & professional men of this country get together
    around a table,
    adopt methods that have proved so sound in the past,
    adapt them to the changing needs of the times and wherever possible,
    improve them.

  • Fun | Fellowship | Charity

    RoundTable is about Charity, while also having Fun, enjoying each others Fellowship. Tell me more…


    We have four tables in the East African region. Join a great Table…

Join Tablers! Be Awesome!

Tablers are proud to help the community!

In over
Years of Tabling
Awesome Tablers
Fields of Businesses

It’s like meeting Old Friends

RoundTable is where you meet Old Friends, for the First Time!

Come join us, and you’ll see how true it is!

Aims & Objectives

We recite our Aims & Objectives at the start of each meeting!

Read our Aims & Objectives

World Wide Tabling

It is up to us to decide, if we build shelters against the winds of change, or if we will build windmills.

-Kaj Kostiander (RoundTable International President 2016-2017)

RoundTable International

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University of Life

RoundTable helps you meet like minded business men who wish to learn and do more! You’ll give speeches and you’ll hold meetings! You’ll do and learn so much, you’ll never leave!

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